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    Pembrokeshire Fish Week

Famous for its bass fishing, the coastal and inshore waters of Pembrokeshire also offer outstanding opportunities for sea anglers interested in a wide range of other species. Bream, mullet, wrasse, conger, rockling, mullet, pollack, mackerel, sharks and rays are some of the more popular target species. From most of Pembrokeshire’s coastal harbours, you will find boats for hire to take you out fishing. During the summer months, mackerel fishing is very popular with holiday makers and as the boats tie up you can see the passengers embarking with their catch.

Looking for something more adventurous? Then try the Heavy Metal Sea Danglers who charter up to 40 trips a year and will only use boats with excellent reputations and together with the long relationships it has with all its Skippers does ensure the best possible fishing for the members. Details of the boats used can be found on the boats page and details of our current fishing schedule can be seen on the fixtures page. Cost of trips may vary from £30 for an inshore Bank trip up to £55 for an offshore Wreck or Shark trip. The annual membership fee is just £10 and your bookings are secured with a returnable, rollover, £30 deposit. Guest anglers very often join us to help fill boats which is a very good way to try before you buy and then become a member. Members’ ages and abilities vary considerably but everyone has the main aim of catching some quality fish and having a good time with lots of friendly banter. If you are interested in joining us for just one trip or becoming a full member then please visit our contact page and follow the instructions.


If you’re contemplating deep sea fishing follow this Message from the RNLI
Always wear a lifejacket
Carry some means of calling for help
Tell someone where you are going
Check the weather and tides
Get the right training  and fish within your limits


Crab fishing from the harbour



Fancy mackerel fishing from Tenby? click on this link